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Our services

  • Culture, leadership and behaviour
  • People and capability
  • Systems and processes
  • Governance and assurance

We go beyond expectations to meet all your HSE needs


Custom-designed HSE solutions that enhance the value of your organization, creates a safer place and strengthen business sustainability

Culture, leadership and behaviour

HSE Engagement
We provide a dynamic framework for organizations and their external partners to participate in an inclusive, transparent and fair safety culture.

People and capability

Company Team
We implement a robust HSE management program with the aim of empowering employees, from their role within the organization to strengthen corporate values.

Systems and processes

HSE Management System
We use secure, simple, applicable, flexible and relevant technology to respond to strategic requirements and challenges.

Governance and assurance

We have the necessary tools for leaders and their teams to incorporate and ensure compliance with the requirements of regulatory frameworks established by the company, its partners and current regulations.


In complex environments, companies that bet on knowledge survive better

Address Vulnerability with the flexibility to implement innovative actions

Uncertainty is confronted by knowledge, constant updates and practical academic training

Faced with Complexity, we focus on specific solutions, simple, achievable, realistic, measurable and with established deadlines

We challenge Ambiguity with the responsiveness and adaptability of a consolidated organization.

Challenge covid-19

We impact at all levels of your organization by reformulating what is possible


With individual and collective commitment we ensure the efficiency of HSE processes to protect employees and their professional and personal environments.

Our team has the track record, experience and knowledge of the tools to update the risk assessment in its field, incorporating the challenges linked to covid-19.

Politics, Planning and Organization

  • Commitment of team members
  • Developing a risk assessment program
  • COVID-19 management plan
  • Stage plan to return to work
  • Legal requirements
  • Emergency response plan
  • Operational continuity plan
  • Home Office /Home Study
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the strategy
  • COVID-19 Communication with stakeholders

Risk Management and Communication

  • Interaction with customers, suppliers and visitors
  • Legal law of employees to know
  • COVID-19 training
  • COVID-19 Travel Management
  • Team communication plans
  • Psychosocial risk

Prevention and mitigation measures

  • Social distance plan
  • Meetings and visitors plan
  • Classrooms, dining rooms and common space floor
  • Respiratory and staff hygiene plan
  • Sanitation and disinfection of work areas and common spaces plan
  • Test & Temperature Check
  • Traffic plan
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Telework Assistance Plan

Potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19

  • Self-assessment test
  • Local legal requirement
  • Flowchart of public and private health providers
  • Quarantine plan
  • Program of identification and confidentiality of proximity of collaborators
  • COVID-19 Potential cases and the day after
  • Incident monitoring and investigation cases
  • Evacuation and quarantine protocols during travel and other travel
  • Contagion traceability
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